Sunday, April 29, 2012

Think bout a Love

What’s the meaning of love? I’m sure nobody can explain what exactly there is. Love is abstract, unseen, and so complicated. Eyes can’t look the love, but do you ever know ‘love from first sight’. Who can explain that? Only people who feel that can do. Love can’t explain by saying, but it pictured by what you did for love.
Love can give you emotions in any situation. It can be happiness, sadness, madness, and many more. Happiness when people who you love give back what you feel. Sadness when you just looking forward for love that you give. Madness when you got ignore for love that you give. Everybody have their own feeling to explain it.
People show their love with many of ways. They show their attention, their caring to people who they love and any other just can hiding in their love. Surely, they just want reaction for their love from what they do before.
Love is global. It created when you born in this world. It started from your mom, woman who giving you birth. With any situation, I believe if every mother had the biggest love with her child. Muhammad SAW said “people who you must respect, First is your mother, Second is your mother, Third is your mother, Fourth is your father”. Then you’ll get love from your family, such father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, and your big family.
When you began to know people around you, you will find someone who could share. They are always beside you in any situation. They could be the place to share your happiness and could be the place to remove your sorrows. They wouldn’t see you are rich or poor, smart or stupid, beauty or beast, black or white, but they will see what you are. They will direct you be better, consider your disadvantages into an advantage that is not owned by others. They will accept who real you are. They are not fake person who always pretending being good person and cheer up in front of you. I’m very sure you will always be comfort in your day if you have their love even it is only one. They called Best Friend.
Humans are selfish. They not only need love from their family and friends, they also need a partner who can share love each other. He could be your family, your best friend, your good advice, your teacher. He could be everything in your life. Some people will try hardly to find the best and some are just waiting to be discovered. Destiny will bring you and him. He called Soulmate.
Love becomes a very important topic in entertainment. Movies, dramas, music, poets, commercials, opera, theater and many more, love is always be an element of them. Thousands art had been created from love. Love’s theme was very popular by many people.
First movie about the love that I watched is Titanic. This movie really makes me into the deep. Other movies  are Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, City of Angels, Flipped, Up, Leap Year, Love and Other Drugs, My Sassy Girl, Never Let Me Go, Real Steel, The Last Song, etc. Those movie illustrates how powerful the mean a love.
A lot of Woman really likes drama. Dramas from Korea and Mexico could be trending in around of them. I really like Korean Drama. First drama that I watched is Winter Sonata. Other dramas are Stairway to Heaven, I’m Sorry, Full House, Sassy Girl, Coffee Prince, Boys Before Flower, Personal Taste, Secret Garden, Protect the Boss, Ojagkyo Family, My Girlfriend is Gumiho, and many more.

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