Thursday, November 24, 2011

How To Make Business Letter?

Business Letter are are the main way businesses officially communicate with their customers and other businesses.


1. LETTER HEAD ( kop surat)
    The heading at the top of  a sheet of the letter, usually consisting of name and address company

2. REFERENCE LINE  inisial tanda tangan & pengetik surat)
    Part of chronology number, initial of employee for information about the letter

3. THE DATE OF THE LETTER (tanggal surat)
    Date of writing the letter

4. INSIDE ADDRESS (nama & alamat yang dituju)
    Part of the name person you are writing to, the person's title, the name of the firm and the firm's address

5. ATTENTION LINE (baris nama orang yang dituju)
   This is used when you don't know the name of person you are writing or the person is unavailable

6. SALUTATION (salam pembuka)
    The complimentary greeting that begins letter

7. SUBJECT LINE (perihal surat)
    Point of the letter; topic of the letter

8. BODY OF THE LETTER (isi surat)
    Main of the letter : Opening paragraph, Message of the letter, Closing paragraph

9. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE (salam penutup)
   The greeting to end the letter

10. SIGNATURE (tanda tangan penulis surat)
      Contains the full name of the writer, the name printed under the signature

11. ENCLOSURE (lampiran)
      To make sure the reader that there is the other letter

12. CARBON COPY (tembusan surat)
      Copies of the letter to someone else

      A note appended to a letter

  1. Full Blocked Style (Bentuk Lurus Penuh)
  2. Block Style (Bentuk Lurus)
  3. Semi Block Style (Bentuk Setengah Penuh)
  4. Indented Style (Bentuk Bertekuk)
  5. Simplified Style (Bentuk yang Disederhanakan)
  6. Hanging Indentation (Bentuk Alinea Menggantung)

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