Monday, November 19, 2012

Network Interface Card (NIC)

           Interface Network Card (NIC) or often called a network card (network card), a key component in a network terminal. Its main function is to send and receive the data work sent to the terminal. Besides NIC also control the data flow between computer systems with attached cable system and receive data sent from other computers via cable and translate them into computer-understandable bits.
Although the NIC is produced by several manufacturers, but all can be used to relate to others in a network system commonly used (Netware, Windows NT, and so on).   Compatibility issues are more important is the type of bus workstations, where a network card that is installed. For example, you can not use the network card 32 bit 16 bit bus. But most of the 16-bit network card to work accurately even slower in 32 bit bus. The network card is also designed for a specific bus architectures, many ISA network card into the slot EISA but another type of network card can only go into a particular slot with a particular bus design as well.
Network card or NIC also be purchased as needed, if it is necessary to use UTP cabling network interface card with UTP, as well as when using the BNC cable network card network card is used with BNC interface. But the market is also available network interface card with UTP and BNC once or often called a network card Combo. Network card provides a number of configuration options that ensure the ability of card to be used with other devices in the same computer and give the correct response to the operating system. If you are using a PC-based network, the thing to note is the setting of the NIC to avoid conflicts with other devices.
Why not just use the default settings? in many cases the default settings will provide satisfactory results, because the manufacturer has provided initial setting according to the standard configuration.
Two important variables in the port and the NIC is survived interruptnya.

·         Address port functions to direct dat goes in and out of the terminal work. NIC must be configured to recognize when data is sent to that address.

·         Interrupt a local electronic switch that is used by the operating system to control the flow of data. Interrupt also used mainly by the computer to stop the flow of data for a while waktudan allow other data through the system. Interrupt prevent different data streams that can not use the same physical circuit and at the same time anyway.
            In addition to the two above variables NIC also has its own unique code, which means there's only one consisting of 12 diit code is often called a MAC (Media Access Control) addresses

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